Our Inventory

We have over 40,000 books in stock, which range over virtually every catagory.  We specialize in History, Mystery, Childrens Books and Science Fiction. We also have large holdings in Local Interest (Newark and Ohio subjects) and Biography. We have a number of large print books in various categories.  In addition, We carry a number of collectible books, including sets, first editions, and signed volumes.

Besides books, we have a small number of books on tape and a selection of historically themed videos.  We also have a limited number of specialty magazines in various categories. Contact us for specifics.  In addition, we currently have some art prints and knickknacks left over from the shop’s pre-bookstore days

We are still in the process of inventorying the store to get all the titles into a database.  We can currently search our inventory database for about 3/4 of the books in the store. We still have childrens and romance books to do. Feel free to call or email us with specific requests and we will to see what we have.

We now have some book listings available via www.abebooks.com. Click here to search our listings. Click here to browse our listings.